Iphone Applications making $250,000 and more in just two months!

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A 30-year-old programmer, Steve Dementer, built an iPhone game called Trism in his spare time, working nights and weekends. By the end of September he'd earned $250,000 in just two months. Do you want to learn how to make money on free Ipod apps?

Ethan Nichols created his first Ipod app hoping to make a little extra income for his family and wound up making $800,000 in just five months from it. Are you going to cash in on the Ipod apps cash train and start making money from Ipod apps?

Apple introduced the first iPhone in June 2007 and followed up in July of this year with a 3G model that offers faster data-transfer speeds. Apple has sold 13 million iPhones and is now ranked number three in phone sales, after Nokia and Samsung. As you can see, the opportunity is huge...and if you think you have to be a programmer to make money selling Ipod apps, think again!
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