How to Make Money with iPhone Apps

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The new gold rush is on! Developing and selling i-Phone apps is turning into a multi-million dollar business that just about anyone with a little computer knowledge and desire can break into.

Have you heard the story of the 9 year old boy Lim Ding Wen from Singapore who created an iPhone drawing game call Doodle Kids has racked up to more than 4000 uploads in just two weeks. That’s about $4000 in a weeks time, not a bad paycheck at all.

Doodle Kids which he wrote for his sister, who loves to draw, lets the player sketch with their finger on the i-Phone screen and shake it, Etch-A-Sketch-style, to clear, has already racked up a healthy three-and-a-half star rating on the App Store..
So what does this news mean to you?

The mobile phone app gold rush is on – and if you’re quick, you can get a massive
piece of it for yourself!

See, there are so many other overnight-success stories turning up in every corner of the web – and you could be next! Just imagine the possibilities…

Imagine how it would feel to develop the Ocarina app, which recently passed 400,000 customers… and put over a quarter of a million dollars in the seller’s pocket!
Or imagine yourself selling the i-Fart mobile, which sat on the top of the sales charts and pulled in $27,249 in a single day!

Imagine if you created the WeatherEye app, which racked up 150,000 downloads fast!

Ethan Nicholas who recently quit his job so he could spend all his time developing i-Phone apps. Ethan makes more in a day or two than the average U.S. household makes in an entire year!

Pretty staggering right? And get this: The mobile phone apps business is exploding right now because it’s just getting started! And that means you’re in a great position to create a massive financial windfall for yourself if you jump on this opportunity fast…

How to get started: Sign up for a free development account at the iPhone Dev Center There are some great videos at the development center that will help you get started developing your apps in no time.

Build i-Phone apps with zero code: offers a great free no code development tool at

Appsamuck They plan on writing 31 iPhone applications in the next 31 days and will publish both the executable and the source code for each application. Their goal is for each of these applications to be useful, interesting, and straight-forward. Someone considering writing their first iPhone application should be able to look at these applications and “get it.”

Books about i-Phone app development: iPhone Apps

Turnkey iPhone Business

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