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Apple puts up dozens and dozens of new apps every day because they make money off anything that sells. But the truth remains that you can make money with your iPhone apps, too, if you follow certain guidelines – incorporating how to price your app and the successful steps to making money with your apps – you keep that other 70 percent and it can add up, so get ready to make some money!


From a developer’s standpoint, it’s important to take into consideration certain factors while determining the price of your app, including how much money and time it took to create your app. First of all, you can find iPhone apps that range from 99 cents to $20. However, many people do not think before pricing.

What is the demand for the type of app you’re selling? What are other independent developers pricing a similar app? Could pricing your app too high jeopardize its success?

All of these price-related questions are relevant and need to be asked in the ultimate effort to make money from selling iPhone apps..


You can create the fanciest and most complex iPhone app on the market, but the truth is, people want good applications that don’t take up much space. Chances are, a deal-breaking factor is the size of your program. It could affect how much money you make with your iPhone apps.
When people are deleting programs from their iPhone to make room for new ones, they tend to delete the bigger apps first because it’s faster than deleting a bunch of smaller apps. Also, the smaller programs are more enticing to AppStore perusers because of quicker download speed and generally cheaper prices.


Get the word out! Visit iPhone forums and blogs. Most of them have a “Developers’ Corner” of sorts where developers can spread the word about their apps. Work like this gets tedious, but it’s necessary and not an overwhelming amount of work. If you want to get the word out, manual marketing is often more effective than spamming and botting. You might have a son or daughter who knows these sites well and wants to make an extra buck or two. They would be an asset, too.

Google AdSense: The Web has several optimizing and advertising tools that are cheap or free. One of these and one of the most popular is Google AdSense. Put banners on your various social networking sites and watch the word spread like wild fire!

Reviews and Press: If your product is good, people will like it. Don’t be afraid to send it to publications, blogs and zines. If you get good reviews there, people will buy it.


The backbones of successfully making money on the iPhone AppStore are price, file size, and advertising.

* Strategically price your item.
* Create an aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, small iPhone app.
* Run an insightful and educated marketing campaign.

If you do these things – alongside creating a groundbreaking app – you will see success and you will make money with your iPhone apps in the AppStore.
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