Getting Rich With iPhone Applications?

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Couple of months ago, I wrote an article entitled “A Simple Idea Changes The World“. A seemingly nonsensical iPhone application has taken the world by storm in December 2008. The iPhone application was named as iFart! After you have downloaded the application you can turn your iPhone into a farting machine, with the iPhone imitating various forms of farting to embarrass a few friends. You can even programmed it to blast farting sound should a thief snatch your iPhone. They claimed that the Sneak Fart feature has been used by Jack Baeur and the Navy Seal to distract enemies in close combat! By the end of December 2008 it was reported to be the no. 1 most downloaded program from iTune store! It has definitely helped Joe Comm, the creator of the iPhone application, made a handsome profit.

Right now, there are around 20 million iPhone owners. These iPhone owners spend upwards of $50 million dollars every single month on new iPhone applications.Two prominent newspapers openly trumpeted that a profitable business to get in will be creating iPhone applications.

And while we slug away at our 9/5, living paycheck to paycheck, there are teenagers making our weekly wage every day doing something that we could very easily do ourselves also. As this post was written, one young guy has caught on this wave and created this iPhone application and is selling US0.99 through iTune store right now!

And if you like me, like an average Joe (not the Joe Comm though), you would probably wonder where to start. Today eBook Of The Week – My iPhone Riches – is THE quick-start guide to profiting from iPhone Application.

MyPhoneRiches is a complete, step-by-step, easy to follow system that will show you exactly how you can cash in with your own iPhone Applications starting right away…

You’ll learn the secrets behind what makes a top seller, and how you can have your own applications rake in 5 figure days, just like in the examples I told you about earlier.

Every step of the process is covered, from brainstorming application ideas to turning your brainchild into a fully working product without any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Then you’ll learn how to successfully get your new application listed in the App Store and how to market it most effectively to make sure it gets in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:
How to churn out applications so hot people will be champing at the bit to get hold of them
The ‘never fail’ strategy that ensures your apps don’t fall at the first hurdle (miss this and the entire development process could be a complete waste of time)
Pages 43 and 44 reveal the free social media tactic that drives thousands of ready to buy iPhone owners straight to your Apps almost instantly
Discover the exact kind of Apps that make customers unncontrollably reach for their wallets time and time again
The top places for finding programmers who really know what they’re doing (don’t get taken for a ride elsewhere)
How to ‘hijack’ the promotion efforts of the top sellers and effortlessly make $1000’s in sales riding the coattails of their success
Learn the number one component practically every successful App must have or its doomed to failure
Discover the secret online resources that make creating successful Apps as easy as clicking your mouse
How to easily make extra income on the side of your new iPhone business, absolutely hands free (many developers totally miss the boat on this one)
Page 11 tells you the two single must have ingredients… without these you’ll go absolutely nowhere in this business…
And much, much more…

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