How to Get an iPhone

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How to Get an iPhone

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iPhones are the hottest thing on the market these days. They are affordable with a 2-year contract at a price of $199. Here's how to buy one.


  1. First, decide which one you want. You can choose from the 8 GB black iPhone, 16 GB black iPhone, or the 16 GB white iPhone.
  2. Next, figure out who your cell phone service provider is. If you are not currently an AT&T customer, you will pay $199 if you sign a new 2-year contract. If you are an AT&T customer, go to their website ( and figure out your upgrade eligibility date. This will tell you when you are eligible for the iPhone's low price.
  3. Once you have your mind set on the phone you want at the price you want, go to the apple site.
  4. Then click on the picture of the iPhone. There will be a button in the top right corner that says 'Where to buy'. Click here, and then proceed to find an Apple store near you.
  5. There is a feature where after 9pm, the website will tell you what stores in your area are receiving which iPhones the next day.
  6. Pick out your store of choice that's receiving the phone you want.
  7. The next morning, drive out to the store. Make sure you get there before it opens, just in case there is a line.
  8. Purchase your phone. Then sit on a park bench and marvel at the beauty of yourself and your phone! Your life is now perfect!!


  • Try to get your phone shipped to the closest Apple store near you, but also consider how busy the store is, especially on weekends.
  • Currently, the iPhone 3G is not in a shortage. You can buy it now in a local Apple retail store, an AT&T store, or on the online Apple store.
  • If you would like to buy an iPod Touch, consider getting the iPhone instead. You can buy an iPhone for $199 with the 2-year service plan instead of the iPod Touch, that is $229. Then you can cancel the iPhone service plan within 3 days of activation and get to keep the phone. You would end up saving $30 and get some extra features like built-in speakers, bluetooth, and a microphone.


  • Be careful with your phone. If you drop it, it may will break.

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