How to Install an Iphone Application

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How to Install an Iphone Application

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Installing an iPhone application can be easy or hard depending on whether the application is available in the iTunes store.


Using a Desktop Computer to get Applications in the iTunes Store
  1. Go the page in the iTunes store which is displaying the iPhone Application you want.
  2. Press "Get App". The App will then download to your desktop computer.
  3. Sync your iPhone. Your application will now be installed on your iPhone.
Applications not in the iTunes Store
Before attempting to install a development iPhone application, a provisioning profile must be created that contains the devices for that build to be installed upon. The provisioning profile can be created at the iPhone Dev Center under the Developer Connection. After a provisioning profile has been created, the application must be re-built, using that provisioning profile and the provisioning profile must be installed on all the devices wishing to run the application.
  1. Create a provisioning profile at the iPhone Dev Center under the Developer Connection.
  2. Build application with new provisioning profile.
  3. Load provisioning profile onto device.
  4. Load application onto device.

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